This is the first trip of my retirement taken with no wage slaves along to hurry us along -- no need to return by the end of vacation time. The purpose of this first trip is to go visit my relatives in New Jersey, and bring them the items left to them in Dad's will. Some of them are pretty big -- like a 4-panel standing Chinese screen with mother-of-pearl bas reliefs, and an enormous Persian rug. Pretty much had to wait until I could travel there in my motorhome. I'm actually amazed that everything did fit into the motorhome!

Monday, June 12
Leaving Benson
for Points East
Tuesday, June 13
Las Cruces
to Albuquerque
Wednesday, June 14
to Clinton Lake, OK
Thursday, June 15
Clinton Lake, OK to
Lake O'the Cherokees, OK
Friday, June 16
Lake O'the Cherokees
to Poplar Bluff, MO
Saturday, June 17
Poplar Bluff
to Bardstown, KY
Sunday, June 18
Bardstown, KY
to Milton, WVA
Monday, June 19
Milton, WVA to
Hagerstown, MD
Tuesday, June 20
Hagerstown, MD
to Atlantic Highlands, NJ
2 Weeks or So
in New Jersey
During the visit

Stained Glass!
During the visit
My Cousins' Houses
Sunday, July 16
The Delaware Scenic River
Monday, July 17
To the Finger Lakes
Tuesday, July 18
Niagara Falls
Wednesday, July 19
Niagara Falls
Thursday, July 20
Niagara to Ohio
Friday, July 21
Ohio through Indiana
Saturday, July 22
Illinois and
Sunday, July 23
Kansas City, MO to
WaKeeney, KS
Monday, July 24
WaKeeney, KS to
Limon, CO
Tuesday, July 25
Rocky Mountains
Wednesday, July 26
Craig, CO to
Vernal, UT
Thursday, July 27
Friday, July 28
Saturday, July 29
Across the Sierras
and home