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born June 12, 2007 Pictures at 8 weeks old
8 weeks old and time to evaluate the puppies.
This page is devoted to showing their conformation rather than their cute antics.
I couldn't resist adding a couple of pics of Blanca that were just toooo cute for words. Enjoy them down at the end of the page.

3 little devils

Blue from the front. Pretty head, decent width in front, and nice straight stance. He's craning to the side because he really really wants to join the other puppies who are playing in the grass.
Blue from the side. Very short-coupled and very good size and substance. He's nervous about being up on the grooming table so he's standing funny and he's got his neck hunched down; he actually has a correct neck length and carries his head high when moving.

Blue from the rear. Nice straight stance; no cow hocks here. I'd like to see more length of leg, but comparing him to the 8-week-old pics from Windy's last litter, he shows similar length of leg to those puppies and they matured with plenty of leg under them.

Blue is now Vanderblom Aramis.

He is promised to Cathy White in Florida, but if she doesn't opt to take him I think I will keep him myself. I think he has potential to be a Specials dog.

Blanca from the front. Gorgeous little head with perfect ears (now that they are up at last). Really good width in front, and nice straight stance.

Blanca from the side. One of the big dogs had to get his stupid head into the picture. Blanca is impressively cobby. Blanca's tail still needs some curling up, but I hear from Joanne that some of Cash's puppies are slower to curl their tails than the average pup. They get there, though.

Blanca from the rear. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Her tail is blurred because she is wagging --as usual--.
Blanca is the lightest built of the 3, but you couldn't call her light-boned. She's just not such a chunk as Pinkie and BlueBoy.

Blanca is now Vanderblom White Diamonds and has gone to a local show home on a breeding co-ownership.

Pinkie from the front. Head is maybe a little strong for a bitch puppy, but it goes with her robust, chunky build. I like her ears least of the three since they are a bit larger and triangular rather than ivy. But, with all the talk about ivy ears, the Standard actually never says we need ivy ears.
Right now, after having a dead-straight front all her young life, she has suddenly started sometimes standing easty-westy. Hopefully just a phase -- this photo is a natural stance, not hand stacked, and she is standing fine here.

Pinkie from the side. Pinkie excels in size, bone and substance. She is also a very put-together puppy -- all her pieces go with each other just right. If she holds that quality into maturity, she's going to be a really good one.

Pinkie from the rear. Love that rear.

Pinkie is now Vanderblom Confetti's Arpege and is going to Wendi Venable at Confetti Keeshonden.

And now the cute stuff--
Blanca head
Isn't Blanca a doll?
Blanca head
Another darling shot of Blanca. She has definitely taken the cute prize at this age.
Blanca looking cute
That sneaky little sidelong glance...

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